New Psychic Abilities – Clairaudience

Since I started consciously experiencing myself and this world, marvelous things have been happening to me. The most mind-blowing and incredible ones are probably the development of psychic abilities. And this card keeps popping frequently, so yeah πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€£:

Now, everyone possesses such abilities in one form or another with different degrees of strength. Being intuitive and kind of knowing what’s gonna happen is one of them, for example (clairvoyance).

Then I’ve talked about these before: seeing colors when closing your eyes (your aura), seeing colors and light flashes even with my eyes open, physical experiences as I described in this post.

And today, I think I experienced something called clairaudience very intensely. I woke up in the morning and heard this song that I’ve been listening to a lot these days. It sounded so real, I was like, “Wtf? Did I forget to turn off my phone before going to bed yesterday?”, so I checked my phone, but it was not playing. Trust me, there is a difference between you consciously playing a song in your head and actually hearing it when it’s actually “not there” lol. It was very bizarre. It was like someone was playing the song outside, but that’s highly unlikely, because no one was there and that someone here knows that song and plays it in front of my window is highly unlikely too 🀣

I’m telling you, I’m really turning into a witch here 😈 lol.

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