Drama, baby, drama.

If there is one thing you really cannot stand after a spiritual awakening, it’s drama. People like drama, all sorts of drama.

These days, I seem to be attracting butthurt people a lot lol. Especially INFPs, it seems. These folks seem to be experts at wallowing in self-pity lmao.

Telling me stories like, he did that to me, she did that to me, he isn’t supposed to do this, she is supposed to do that for me. Dudes, nah. Shut the fuck up with that shit. No one is supposed to do anything here, especially not for you when you’re being a whiny pain in the ass, okay?

When I hear things like “I feel bad, because she did that to me” or “He’s supposed to care about me”, I just wanna throw up, honestly. You say, you say these things, because you care about someone and then that person is supposed to care too. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’re being a fucking selfish asshole doing that. You don’t really care about that person, you only care about that person MAKING YOU FEEL BETTER, that’s what you care about, do you understand this? This is not true love. It’s egoic love, it’s possessiveness, it’s your ego wanting to enhance itself. Well, guess what, if you keep doing that, you will never be content with anyone or anything, because your inner state will always depend on what happens to you and what people do to you. And that’s a fucking sad and pathetic way to exist.

True unconditional love (aka “God” aka “consciousness” etc.) does not depend on anything. It is always there, no matter what. True love doesn’t fucking get offended, okay? Get over it.

#spirituality #poetry #life #enlightenment #awareness #awake #existence #humanity #wisdom #psychology

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